About Us

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Intredium is a client-focused technology solutions company working to help clients like you benefit from implementing emerging technologies in your business.

Established in 2009, Intredium is proving to be the go-to solutions provider for Microsoft Business Intelligence, Integration, Cloud Services, and Office 365 in Central Iowa. We are a company diverse in skill sets and product knowledge, making us a great resource for all kinds of business-related technology solutions.

Intredium works at the highest level of efficiency, and you’ll see proof of this in the services we deliver. Our integrity and work ethic leads to a job done best. From start to finish, Intredium provides a transparent collaboration platform and a customer experience designed to exceed your expectations.

Work with a business solutions provider that’s continually paving the way in terms of technology, communications, and client focus: Choose Intredium.


We help businesses become their best by providing custom solutions to unique business problems. Our goal is to reach out to clients and provide them with an understanding of how many business problems can be solved with the proper use and deployment of technology.


Our customer-centric approach focuses on the needs of our clients by providing superior sales to support client experiences. Our leadership in IT solutions delivery combined with our ability to understand the business needs of our clients allows us to provide faster, more usable solutions.

A Word From Our Founder

At Intredium we do things differently than our competitors. We aren’t that way because we just want to be different. We’re that way because we want to do it better, faster, more efficiently and effectively, and with an unmatched level of commitment and service.

I’ve been in the technology and business consulting world for many years. Over those years, I’ve learned a lot about client service. I’ve learned that customer service isn’t a bunch of nice words and sentiments that some wordsmith conjures up for the purposes of marketing. But rather, it’s a drive and passion to please that comes from within, and it flows from the top down. If the leaders of a company don’t have it, the words are just rhetoric.

If a company culture does truly possess that passion, its people can provide an unprecedented customer experience that sets a lasting foundation for a great long-term business relationship. Nothing establishes trust and legitimacy faster or better than sincerely treating your customers as well as they can be treated. It’s more than how we treat our clients; we treat our employees and our vendors with same level of courtesy and respect. It’s part of our culture and one of the guiding principles of our company: “Treat everyone the way you would want them to treat you.” Respect, human dignity, equality, and fairness factor into everything we do.

I invite you to find out what it’s like to work with Intredium and our people. Give us an opportunity to show you the difference and to earn our place as a valued business partner. I think you’ll like our people and be pleased with our efforts to help you succeed.

Mike Peverill
Owner/Principle Consultant
Intredium, LLC.