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Established in 1959, ABC Electrical Services is one of Central Iowa’s top electrical contractors.

Through vast experience and a customer-centric approach, ABC Electrical Services installs and maintains a wide range of innovative residential and commercial electrical solutions.

Client Challenge

Like many organizations, the IT infrastructure supporting the business at ABC Electrical Services evolved over time. As needs arose, a solution was implemented to meet those needs. Eventually, ABC Electrical Services came to the point where they needed to refresh the server hardware supporting their internal environment. In addition, a new business need around more effective collaboration was developing. The on-premise options for hardware replacement and collaboration solutions seemed overly costly and inflexible. ABC Electrical Services was interested in taking their IT infrastructure to a new level.

Intredium Solution

Intredium brought a comprehensive solution to ABC Electrical Services that would allow them to finally get rid of their core on-premise hardware and answer the evolving collaboration needs. First, Intredium migrated the server infrastructure which supported both the Active Directory domain as well as several core business applications into Microsoft Azure. A secure connection was configured between the Azure environment and ABC’s main office to access the Microsoft Azure environment. Second, Intredium delivered a comprehensive Office 365 solution that provided Exchange Online, Skype for Business and SharePoint Online. These cloud applications gave ABC Electrical Services the tools they were looking for to become more efficient.

Business Impact

The result of the implementation of Microsoft Azure has been a combination of dollars saved through the flexible payment model of these services and the ability to scale server resources as needed. The alternative was purchasing the level of hardware required for the maximum processing needs along with copies of all server licenses and client access licenses. The combined cost of these items far surpasses the monthly cost to maintain the server infrastructure in the Cloud; not to mention the redundancy and security that is provided in Microsoft Azure.

Office 365 has greatly improved the ability of the organization to collaborate. From Skype chats to desktop sharing between offices and a comprehensive implementation of Microsoft SharePoint, which houses a host of internal documentation along with the central repository for all project estimates, CAD drawings and client information, Office 365 has taken ABC Electrical Services to the next level.

We took several bids to revamp our Servers and IT network. We were running two server and had 12 work stations. Intredium was able to take us to the cloud for 25% of the cost to house onsite. In addition they moved us to Office 365 which we were able to add all the features of office 365 for the same amount we were paying for our email accounts before. This gave us a lot better way to organize our files, give our field staff visibility to files and plans they needed and always have the most current office programs all for about the same amount we were already paying. It was a great decision to make these changes and we would not have even know about it if it was not for Mike and the people at Intredium.

Tim Gerald, Estimator / Project Manager, ABC Electrical Services