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What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is a whole new way of thinking. Implementations like Microsoft Azure are allowing small businesses to access resources that were once reserved only for larger businesses. At the same time, larger businesses are finding the Cloud and its resources as a way to greatly cut costs while still providing reliable solutions they have come to expect.

Unlike on-premise solutions, Microsoft Azure is unique in that you only pay for what you use. This allows you to save costs and get more for your money by reducing the compute-waste of physical resources.

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Infrastructure, Platforms, and Software

IaaS / Infrastructure as a Service – allows businesses to be flexible in their IT environments. They can scale in near real time to meet the ever-changing needs of the applications and their services.

PaaS/Platform as a Service – allows businesses access to applications such as Microsoft SQL Azure and Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse without having to worry about doing backups or disaster recovery, all with auto scaling and high availability built in.

SaaS/ Software as a Service – Software suites like Microsoft Office 365 allow businesses access to software that in years past would have been too complex or cost prohibitive to set up and maintain for most businesses.

Why Intredium?

Intredium is a Cloud-First company. We believe businesses need to focus on their business, not IT. Intredium has long been established as a Cloud solutions provider with years of experience migrating both application and infrastructure environments to the Cloud. Through understanding both your business needs and the Cloud, we’re able to tailor the right solution for your business operation.

Achieve increased flexibility, security, reliability, and efficiency at a fraction of the cost by deploying a well-tested Cloud solution today!

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Reasons to Move to the Cloud and Microsoft Azure

  • Pay for what you use (hardware, licenses)

  • Flexible resources for your application

  • Microsoft Office 365 and unified communications

  • Redundancy and disaster recovery

  • Reduce cost to maintain infrastructure